Play Scary Maze Game Online for Free

The infamous Scary Maze Game is the most well-known internet screamer and scare prank to date. It’s a flash based puzzle game. While the player is highly concentrated on completing the third level, a closeup picture of Linda Blair with ghastly looking face is presented to the unsuspecting player with a background audio of an extremely loud scream. The oldest “bait-and-switch” prank.

Origin of Scary Maze Game

It is a 2003 creation by Jeremy Winterrowd. He is the game maker. The gruesome woman in the image is Linda Blair, an American actress from the movie The Exorcist. Scary maze game is a flash based free online game. There are lots of imitations of the original version, which are also free to download.

The Scary Maze Game Play

It is flash based maze game in the puzzle genre. It consists of 3 three levels (the screen shots of scary maze game level 1 2 3 and scary image, are given below).

How To Play Scary Maze Game

You can play full screen online OR Download to your PC computer for free.

Player has to guide the blue dot with the mouse through the 4 stages of maze levels and get to the finish. The difficulty gets harder after each level. Don’t touch the walls or you will have to start over at the beginning. Turn up the volume.

The firs game play youtube video “Scary Maze Game Screencast” was uploaded by ryanjyn2008 on Jul 7, 2007.

Click here to Play Scary Maze Game Unblocked

If you want to prank your friends with this scary prank flash? Here’s how:

  1. Click the <PLAY THIS IN FULLSCREEN!> button.
  2. Put your web-browser in full-screen (This is optional)
  3. Have your victim to play the prank.

BEWARE: The prank can get you into trouble. It is not recommended to use this scare prank on weak hearted people or kids, it can even kill the victim.

NOTE: Right-click on the full-screen button and save link to download scary maze game as a flash file to your computer.

Spread of Scary Maze Game Online

The Scary Maze happened to be a lot more effective prank than any suspense, horror, vampire or zombie games you might know. This harmless little game does not pack much action in it and yet millions of innocents fell victim to this prank. Scary Maze Game victim count is far greater than any prank video, mobile app, website or any other practical joke online.

The latest survival horror video games could not took away its place. This awesome prank is more popular now than it ever was and it never gets old. Even those who know it’s shocking power, are still scared of it. It’s enough to make anyone jump out of their seat, even when you know what’s coming.

The ingenious game inspired hundreds of scary prank reaction videos on YouTube and elsewhere online. Scary Maze encouraged the creation of many imitations, replicas and game variations. Hundreds of social media websites featured this scare prank in their articles including Wikia, Reddit and others.

On May 20, 2006, YouTuber “Can’t We All Just Get Along?” uploaded the first scary maze prank reaction video of a young boy being frightened by the maze game challenge. It got over 27.1 million views and 41,000 comments in eight years.

Little girl scared by the scary maze game Uploaded by xxmrdennisxx on Aug 30, 2007 with 8.9 million views and 27,536 comments. recorded with a hidden camera under a box by the computer. the look on her face is priceless.

The most popular video on YouTube titled “Scary Maze Game (official version)” was uploaded by nalts on Jun 27, 2008. It features a boy reacting to the maze game. Nalts scares nice kid with that dang maze on the internet. The video received more than 42.6 million views and 10,995 comments in the next six years.

On August 14th, a Facebook page titled “Scary Maze Game” was launched, which accumulated more than 45,200 likes in the next six years.

When I see a ‘scary maze flash-game’ by sexgott on Reddit, featuring an animated comic of a man turning his computer volume down. Animated GIF by lemon_loaf on Reddit, in which a man is surprised by someone hiding under his desk while playing a scary maze.

The Best Scary Maze Game Reactions