Play Scary Maze Game (The Original) online for free download. This is the official version of Maze Game. Take the challenge yourself and try to beat the level 4 to finish the game. Challenge your friends and watch them make it through the last level. The most played prank game on the PC. Switch to full screen, turn up the volume. Enjoy!

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How to Trick Someone to Play Scary Maze Game 1

First create a serious but fun game play environment for the player. There shouldn’t be any disturbance. Don’t let the your victim be distracted and suspect your plot. The successful initiation of this maze game depends on a lot of concentration and patience from the user.

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The player have to guide the blue dot throughout the scary mazes by steady long-pressed left mouse button. The dot is the mouse pointer itself. The user have to put extreme caution in the movement of mouse to make sure that he doesn’t hit or touch the  black walls of the maze and safely reaches the finish line which is the “red square”. Otherwise the player have to start the whole Maze Game again from the beginning.

Stages & Game Levels

Level 1: The first level is like a giveaway confidence booster for the user. it consists of a very easy to play maze. Upon completing this level the Scary Maze vibe of the game lifts off.

Level 2: This level is fairly difficult from the first one. Here it requires a little concentration as the scary maze becomes narrower before you reach the red box and move on to third level 3.

Level 3: This is a much awaited level, since the surprise will be revealed after the completion of this stage. You really need to concentrate on your dot and hand movement. The maze gets very narrow and scary before reaching the red box. You might not be able pass without touching the walls in your first shot.

Level 4: Actulay there is no level 4 in The Scary Maze Game.


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Somewhat more…

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