Play the original scary maze game for free. Try to beat level 4 and finish the game. Challenge your friends and see if they can make it through the last level…

Scary Maze Game 2

The Scary Maze game 2 is next installment in the Scary Maze game series. This game is full of fun and enjoyment. It is very popular game in the world. Mostly people prank with their friends and relatives. Any person can play this game but kids like it very much but they also start crying after playing this game. Firstly they agree and inspire them by hitting their mind that this is very scary game you can play alone. But that’s true and no doubt it is very difficult and horror game.

Before playing this amazing game you have to remember the rule of the game that try to reach the goal without touching the wall, otherwise you will fail and try again from the starting level. If you can beat all five levels you. Then you can get a special bonus level to play.

There are three levels of the game which you must complete to reach at last stage of end. In this game you have a round small ball which you will catch by touching mouse cursor. When you catch it then you can begin your game and roll through the maze by untouching the sidewall. You have not be very fast while playing this game. Just keep eyes on the track while moving the ball with mouse and reach slowly. Because there is a saying that “slow and steady wins the race”.

The graphics of the Scary Maze Game 2 has background dark forest dreadful view. The nightmare photographs of each level makes more horrible impression on the player heart and soul to fear suddenly.

Scary Maze Game 2 Online Free

Levels & Gameplay

Level 1 :

In the first level of the game you have a very nice and easy track to move ball for reaching the finishing line. After reaching the finishing line you proceed to the next level challenge. It also enhance your experience and diligence to move forward.

Scary Maze Game 2

Level 2 :

Second level of the game little bit hard and is same like first but it is longer and narrow than first level. In this level you have to be very careful once you touch thee wall you will be back to the first level with loose heart effort. But not leave heart and soul try again and again to reach and accomplish this target level.

Scary Maze Game 2 Online


Level 3 :

That’s third last level which is very difficult to complete because it is round like an orbit and also very narrow to reach at end to finish the game with shout and shock. Most of the people have you seen on the YouTube videos by crying, falling from chairs and screaming. However this is very interesting game as compare to the first game.

Scary Maze Game 2 Screenshot