Play the original scary maze game 3 for free. Try to beat level 5 and finish the game. Challenge your friends and see if they can make it through the last level…

Scary Maze Game 3 Overview :

Scary Maze game 3 is 3rd installment in the scary maze game series. All scary maze game are develope for improving players skills and experience to face all challenges alone. The game features new improvements and development with new graphics and sound effects. Keep the volume high while playing this game if you want fun. This game is full of fun for friends and family. The scary maze game 3 shows a blue maze with white passage for mouse to reach destination cheese to proceed for the next level to play. The most important caution is don’t touch sides wall.

Scary Maze Game 3 Online Free

Levels & Gameplay :

The scary maze game 4 is an amazing game for enjoyment. The all scary maze games enhance player skills, experience and challenges to face. For this there are few levels to complete. So here in this game there are five levels to beat up to play bonus round.

Level 1 :

In the first level get mouse by clicking on it and then reach to the end cheese. The level 1 is very easy to progress for next. But don’t take it very easy it will show how you are intelligent to only move.

Scary Maze Game 3 Free Online

Level 2 :

This level is not easy to get cheese may you go back many times. But the only thing is that you just focus on mouse while crossing every corner.

Scary Maze Game 3 Online

Level 4 :

The final level is very difficult may you lost many times. So don’t touch sides wall because you will go back to the first level and play again all stages to reach here. Move forward very slowly and finish this game for bonus level.

Scary Maze Game 3 Screenshot