Do you like fun? Play the original scary maze game for free. Try to beat level 5 and finish the game. Challenge your friends and see if they can make it through the last level…

Scary Maze Game 5 Online Free

Gameplay & Levels :

Scary maze game 5 is very amazing game for fun. This game features black background in it a red dot for rolling through the maze labyrinth. The gameplay levels are very easy to reach at end but not. Because each levels looks like an easy task but it also has narrow passage with great danger. You have to be very careful while playing each stage of the game. Like other scary games you have to safe your level from sides wall. Every level of the game finish at a circle.

This is challenging game which a player can finish. The first time players will go back many times. Level one is very easy you can do it. However finish this game play next game for fun and excitement.

Scary Maze Game 5 Free Online

Second level have a shortcut its depend upon your game experience which you like. Anyway finish it quickly!

Scary Maze Game 5 Online

Level 3 is a straight narrow way so you can pass but not so hastily.

Scary Maze Game 5 Screenshot Level 3

This is a challenging level to reach at downward finishing circle. Can you finish this?

Scary Maze Game 5 Screenshot Level 4