Wants to see your friends brave or not? Keep the volume up. Play the original scary maze game 6 for free. Try to beat level 5 to get bonus and finish the game. Challenge your friends and see if they can make it through the last level…

Scary Maze Game 6 Free Online

Gameplay & Levels :

Scary maze game 6 is new installment in the scary maze game series. It is full of fun and enjoyment scary game with new 5 levels. Each level is more than more difficulty to increase player temper and experience. This game features black background with different tracks to reach at fishing line. Like other maze game you have to control mouse with best movements otherwise you will review all levels from the beginning of the game. Ofcourse you don’t like to go back and just focus on what the spooky things are lurking there for you.

Scary maze games are designed and developed for players fun and entertainment. We recommend parents must play before their kids call them first. Because there are lots of youtube videos are showing that many of young’s one and kids have wet their pants, kids have fallen from sittings chairs and run away, so many PCs broken due to these types of horrible scary maze games.

If you are weak of heart and get scares very easily then do not play these games.The developers are not responsible for anything happen to you such as nightmares, sleepless nights, heart attacks etc. Only brave players can play these types of games.

The maze games are very easy as compare to other PC games. There is neither use of weapons nor race just control mouse with good hand eye coordination.

Is Level 1 difficult or not for you ? Its a simple S shape so finish it !

Scary Maze Game 6

Oh yeah its W but not of note book with pen writing. Can you finish in first one try ?

Scary Maze Game 6 Online

Level 3 will return you soon if you not touch sides wall. Becareful while playing this level. Finish this game for more fun.

Scary Maze Game 6 Screenhsot